Why Should i Hire a Personal Trainer?


More and more people are working out with their very own exercise consultant than ever before.

Personal Trainers are not just for the Hollywood stars and the 'rich and famous' anymore!

For good reason, an expert Personal Trainer can make the difference between attaining results and wasting your time and money.

If you are serious about making a difference, changing your lifestyle and creating a new body, then let me help you begin your new life!

I will take all of the guesswork, trial and error out of your program and assist you in reaching your physical goals not just by guiding you through a workout but by showing you the correct way to achieve maximum results while avoiding injury.


I take my reponsibilty as a professional very serious. Part of that responsibility is making sure that people understand that when they come to me, they're going to get the best possible results. If you're looking for someone to blindly guide you from station to station and count reps for you, then i am not that individual and you may be better off with a trainer at your local club. I believe in structure, accountability and i do whatever it takes to make sure you are on the quickest path to reaching your goals. I assess, re-assess and do everything in my power to keep you on track.



What Sets Me Apart From Other Trainers?


Again having a professional trainer takes the guesswork out of exercise and nutrition and ensures that you will reach your goals safely and effectively in the shortest possible time. Constant monitering and adjusting of your program, as well as providing supervision and motivation, leads to attaining your goals much quicker. Using my education and experience, i will design a fitness and nutrition program that will work for YOU and you will reach your goal of a leaner, healthier body.

I make EVERY clients goals my own and strive to ensure that they reach them as quickly as possible, REDUCING their need for me every visit. I try to teach every client as much as they are willing to absorb; while this may not be the smartest move on my part (because this eliminates the need for me!), i believe that my clients appreciate this. I will not overwhelm you, but i want every session to be a learning experience, decreasing your dependence on me. Most trainers WANT your dependence. I feel that if i can teach you everything you need to know to get in the best shape you can, i will benefit in the long run.



Having Said That, I Will NOT:


  • Talk on my mobile phone during your appointment
  • Arrive late for sessions
  • Show up unprepared
  • Cancel sessions at the last minute
  • Fail to keep good records and measure your progress


I pride myself on giving my clients superior service and support and I WILL:


  • Give you my constant undivided attention
  • Keep you updated on your progress
  • Re evaluate your progress every few weeks to show results


I attend many seminars, classes and conferences each year in order to  stay on top of the latest research and training methods. If you don't reach your goals then i feel like i'm failing and i take total responsibility for it; therefore, failure is not and option and not in my vocabulary. I love what i do!



Who Should Use A Personal Trainer?


Anyone who wants any of the following:


  • More mental alertness
  • More tone and definition
  • To lose extra body fat
  • Bigger muscles
  • More energy
  • See their abs
  • Gain an edge in any sport you participate in
  • To get ready for beach weather
  • Lose the weight gain commomly associated with pregnancy
  • Lower blood pressure and resting heart rate


These are just some of the examples as to who should use a Personal Trainer.


The Benefits of exercise are no secret. All it takes is commitment, motivation, and guidance! Let me create a tailor made fitness and nutrition program for you! Not one that has worked or failed for someone else but one that will work and succeed for you! Every person is different and every persons fitness needs are different as well!

What worked for Mr. Olympia or Miss Britain probably won't work for anyone else!

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