Here are some of the most common questions that I encounter:

-Where do you train your clients?
I train my clients at the gym, at their home/work, outdoors depending where the client is, what the clients needs are and what I feel would benefit my client the most. Some people feel intimidated by going to a gym straight away as it can sometimes be a very daunting place when your beginning exercising so for some clients it is best to start off training at home or outdoors,. All of these types of environment allow me to provide all of my clients with the very best service and training experience possible.

-What does a personal trainer actually do?
Well, that depends on the personal trainer. I suppose that some only show you exercises and count sets. I actually meet with you and find out as much about your lifestyle and goals as possible. This will be done in your first session which will be a consultation and fitness testing session. Then, when I'm explicitly clear on what you hope to obtain, I design a training program for you and show you exactly how to do everything you need to do. I also design a full nutrition regime that fits into your lifestyle, free of charge. Although most typical training sessions only last an hour, I am always accessible via phone, email and text for all of my clients to provide you unlimited support.

-What kind of results should I expect working with a personal trainer?

It really depends on how much effort you put into your training program. In 6 weeks, clients usually lose between 5 and 15 pounds of body fat (that isn't scale weight, just the bad weight you want to get rid of). It is important to remember that you may only be with your trainer 1-3 hours per week, so what will make you or break you is what you choose to do when you're NOT with your trainer (and it is the trainer's responsibility to provide you with that information). Of course, the closer you follow the lifestyle developed for you by your trainer, the better results you will have.

-How often should I use a trainer/What program should I choose? This is very dependent on the individual and there are a few factors to consider, including budget, prior exercise experience, and how quickly you want to achieve your goals. An honest, professional trainer should be able to give you an honest assessment and make a recommendation on what they feel would be your best course of action.

-How often do you change the training program?
I constantly change your training program to keep your body guessing and to keep you from getting bored. As your body adapts, your program will progress to ensure that you keep making strides toward your goals.

-How long should I use a personal trainer?
This is up to you. Some clients just want a basic grasp of how to workout and only meet a few times, and some clients will stay with a trainer for years, a few times a week. A client doesn’t necessarily have to have a session every week, they may have a session once every 2 weeks or once per month. It really depends on what you want as an individual.

-What does a normal session consist of?
Each session starts off with a brief discussion to ensure you are staying on track (diet, training alone, etc.) Every individual's training sessions are different based upon their goals, but most programs consist of a light warm-up and stretching, 40-55 minutes of resistance and/or cardio training, followed by a cool down and stretching period.

-Do you charge extra for nutrition planning?
I never charge extra for nutrition consulting. Diet is as important as working out as they both go hand in hand, I only charge nutrition consulting if I am being hired as a nutritionist without personal training as well and I will design you a program that gets down to the calorie, if necessary, and update it as your body changes to ensure you keep seeing progress. I ONLY SUCCEED WHEN YOU SUCCEED! I am willing to be as specific as needed for each and every client on their diets.

-What does your initial session consist of?
The initial session gives me the opportunity to discuss with you and get to know you and your goals. It also gives me the chance to explain how I work and what I can offer. The next step is to schedule your initial workout, a one hour, During this session, I perform an initial assessment, measure your body fat percentage, take circumference measurements and administer a basic fitness test to give you and I the opportunity to see where your fitness level is at, so I can produce a safe and effective workout program to help you achieve your goal.

-How are you different from a trainer at a gym like David Lloyds, bannatynes, LA fitness etc…?
First and foremost, I work for my clients only, and I make my own schedule. Unfortunately, many corporate trainers are paid bonuses and are under a lot of pressure to sell clients supplements and other things they may not need. Their job is to keep you coming in, whether you're making progress or not, and their workout routines are designed for the masses. Here at fitness first we design each program and nutritional regime from scratch, based on the individual's needs and current fitness level.

-What does speed or sports training consist of?
Each program is different based on the sport you wish to compete in or your individual goals. I design programs that will help you excel in your chosen sport, by increasing speed, endurance, flexibility, balance, and agility.

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